Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity surveyor (QS) is an expert working inside the development business concerned about Project costs. The various activities shall require:

  • Planning of the work and records.
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and Final Cost of work.
  • Costs Calculation and Control.
  • Analysis of Rates with Quotation based on Market Rates.
  • Preparation of Tender document with Special and General Condition of contract.
  • Analyzing comparative, preparation and costing for tenders.
  • Subletting head wise work distribution to subcontractors.
  • Award of work with specific condition of contract.
  • Comprehensive SHE (Safety Health and Environmental) Management.
  • Controlling Cost during Execution of work and finding way-out.
  • Checking QS work during Post award.
  • Preparation of Running and Final Bill.
  • Preparation of Extra, Substituted and Deviation items
  • Quantity Surveyors liaison with planners, lenders, engineers, temporary workers, providers, venture proprietors, protection financiers, specialists and Courts to get a correct cost of work.

QS Typical Work Activities:

A surveyor calculates every single requirement of expense Head wise, Building wise done with the target that organizations will be all around well-known and educated. This way one can know how much each part of their building will cost and the territories where they can limit their expenses. Cost Control is also reviewed during execution from Time to time.
The surveyor takes a view at the development procedure and decide Standards and Regulations in discussion with other consultants keeping in mind nature and requirement of building.

Obligations During Tendering

  • QS is also to build up the expense of establishment, materials and workmanship. This is done to turn out with a well arranged criteria which is useful to both the organization and the primary contractual workers
  • To plan contracts for activities by clearly expressing the terms and conditions, examining and preparing the agreements with Special and General condition of contract
  • Preparation of Agreements and arrangement of Agreements concerned records to have complete check during execution of work.
  • Sourcing and buying of materials after exploring best vendors and related items required for construction.
  • Planning for keeping material’s stock in advance.
  • Prepare contract for specialized work with dependency of work requirement.
  • Monitor Construction Cost during Construction and suggesting remedial measure.
  • QS check and control development costs as an advisor, from the achievability phase to the fulfillment of the development of work time frame.
  • After completion of work, it shall include documents with expense valuation plans, substitution and Extra item cost estimation, scope of work change and preparation of Final document.