Contract Management

Pre-Award activities:

Prequalification and Selection of Architects & Consultants. .Prepare contracting strategy and Work Breakdown Structure .Carrying out Prequalification of Contractors. Preparation of General and Special Conditions of Contract. Evaluation of Bids and assist in negotiation of Bids.Preparation of Work Orders/Contract Agreement.

Post-Award activities:

Ensure contract implementation. Check that the contractors fulfill their contractual obligations. Collect warranties and guarantees from various agencies.

Quantity Surveying:

Quantity Surveying of all type of buildings for Civil, Structure, Horticulture, MEP Works and to check that all mandatory requirements as per drawings and tender are followed.

MEP Services:

The Company offers comprehensive design and detailed engineering services for all types of MEP Works and advice on judicious services design throughout the project.

Bill Certification

Bill certification and verification of all running bills and Final Bill and to check that all mandatory requirements/SOP are followed and advice on judicious payments throughout the project.

Third party Audits (related to quality, bill certification etc.)

Technical audit of all running and final bills and Quality Audit as per contractual requirement on sound professional guidelines.

Contract Administration

Ensure that all contractual conditions are considered and contractors fulfill their contractual obligations and followed at site .Collect warranties and guarantees from various agencies.

Tender, Bid Documentation & Vetting

Prepare Tender document ensuring all necessary conditions( GCC & SCC of Contracts) are established as per site and Client requirement and vet Contract Documents for various work packages and advice Client on cost control possibilities.

Change Management

Estimate, Evaluate and timely analysis and settlement of extra/deviated items and preparation Scope Change Orders.

Cost Management

Prepare conceptual and Schematic Stage Budget. Review project expenditure at intervals and prepare expected cost variations with cost benefit analysis for client in consultation with consultants / clients.

Cash Flow

Prepare of Cash Flow statements based on work schedule & Review project expenditure at interval.

Arbitration and Mediation

Dispute often arises and best method of settlement in both time and cost is Mediation or arbitration.

Mediation is an interactive process. This is the preferred form for dispute resolution with win- win position for both parties. Prepare documents for arbitration/ claims. Justifying their legitimated claims and help in achieving claims in consultation with company.