Contract Management Services in Delhi and NCR

Contract Management of work is done to ensure that contract is planned as per relevant work requirement, awarded, Executed and Monitored for its compliance from Time to time during execution of work. Following steps are required to Monitor Cost Management:

• Pre-qualification and Selection of Architects & Consultants
• Prepare contracting strategy and Work Breakdown Structure as per standard operating procedure
• Carrying out Pre-qualification of Contractors as per requirement of work
• Preparation of General and Special Conditions of Contract
• Evaluation of Bids and assist in negotiation of Bids
• Vet Contract Documents for various work packages and advice Client on cost control possibilities
• Preparation of Work Orders/Contract Agreement
• Ensure contract implementation.
• Check that the contractors fulfill their contractual obligations.
• Collect warranties and guarantees from various agencies
• To capture contract deficiency and improvement for further tenders