Bill Certification Services in Delhi and NCR

Bill Certification of Project work is done to ensure that payment for work done is Planned, Paid and Monitored from Time to time as per cash flow and terms, condition of contract and rates for the project item. Following steps are required to Monitor Bill Certification:
• Measurement of work as per site Execution & GFC drawings issued.
• Preparation of BBS ( Bar bending schedule) and its correctness while laying reinforcement at site.
• Measurement of Hidden items before it is covered with contractor representative.
• Preparation of Running Bill after making necessary recoveries as per Tender condition and Government norms.
• Verification of all running bills and Final Bill and to check that all mandatory requirements/SOP are followed and advice on judicious payments throughout the project.
• Preparation of Extra items, Substituted item based on Market rates and agreement conditions.
• Checking of bills of contractors /client supplies items including timely analysis and settlement of extra/deviated items and preparation Scope Change Orders.
• Preparation of Final Bill including all variation, agreement clauses compliance.

Third Party Audits (related to quality, bill certification etc.)

Technical audit of all running and final bills and Quality Audit as per contractual requirement on sound professional guidelines.